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I recently had a disappointing experience with Ultahost.com and their support team. Here are the key issues I encountered:

  1. Unreliable VPS Hosting:
    • My VPS server frequently went down at night.
    • Taking a snapshot caused the server to be down for hours.
  2. Inept Shared Hosting Support:
    • The support team lacked basic knowledge about name servers.
    • Despite adding the provided nameservers, my domains were not hosted for two weeks.
  3. Unhelpful Support Team:
    • Pre-purchase inquiries were answered promptly, but post-purchase support was frustrating.
    • They repeatedly asked me to open support tickets for urgent issues, which took a long time to get a response.
Here’s a snippet from a conversation with their support team:

Me: Hello, I have added name servers to my hosting a week ago.

Support: Hi there, thanks for reaching out. I hope you're doing well. How may I help you?

Me: To my domains - Name Servers ns1.ultahost.com, ns2.ultahost.com, ns3.ultahost.com, but it's still not hosted on the shared hosting.

Support: Please submit a request from your account with your issue. You can submit your support tickets here: [link]

Me: Why are you here then? On my Ultahost dashboard, I am seeing these nameservers: Nameservers ns1.ultahost.com, ns2.ultahost.com, ns3.ultahost.com, ns3.ultahost.com (last 2 are duplicate).

Support: Please open a ticket to report the domain name in question.

Support: I'm sorry, but I don't currently have the information regarding the service you're inquiring about. If you have an existing ticket, please provide me.

No, I don't have any ticket.

Overall, my experience with Ultahost.com was highly unsatisfactory. I faced extended downtimes and received inadequate support. I would not recommend their services.
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I recently had a deeply frustrating experience with Ultahost.com and feel compelled to share my thoughts to warn potential customers. I ordered a VPS from Ultahost.com, and almost every night, the server went down. Additionally, whenever I attempted to take a snapshot, the server would be down for hours. This kind of unreliability is simply unacceptable, especially for those who rely on their services for critical tasks. Things didn't get any better when I switched to their shared hosting plan. The support team seemed to lack basic knowledge about name servers. Despite adding the nameservers they provided, my domains remained unhosted for two weeks. Here’s an example of a typical conversation with their support team: before making a purchase, they were quick to respond and encourage the payment. However, once I became a paying customer, their attitude changed drastically. They would consistently ask me to open support tickets, regardless of how urgent the issue was. These tickets often took a long time to get a response, leaving me with prolonged downtimes and no immediate assistance. In summary, Ultahost.com provides subpar support, particularly before you've made a purchase, just to encourage you to buy after that no live chat support only tickets which they dont reply for hours if not days. If you value reliable service and competent customer support, I would advise looking elsewhere.