What Leads to a Permanent Ban on Helposoft Forums


Staff member
1. Multiple Accounts: Creating and using multiple accounts is strictly prohibited, regardless of your contribution level, rank, or number of resources shared. This rule is non-negotiable, and any member found violating it will face an immediate ban. The integrity of the community relies on transparency and fairness, which multiple accounts undermine.
2. Advertising for External Sources: Self-promotion or advertising for external sources, including social networks, blogs, or other forums, is not permitted. The only authorized links are those to upload sites, official marketplaces like Themeforest, and Helposoft-specific links. This rule helps maintain focus on community-driven content and prevents unsolicited commercial messaging.
3. Spam: Posting spam, including irrelevant or repetitive content, will not be tolerated. This applies to all types of posts, whether they are advertisements, off-topic messages, or nonsensical contributions. All complaints and issues should be directed to staff members via private messages and should be presented respectfully to maintain the community’s integrity.
4. Disrespect: Any form of disrespect toward other members or staff, including racist, discriminatory, or religiously insensitive remarks, will result in a permanent ban. Helposoft aims to be an inclusive and respectful community. If you are experiencing anger, frustration, or other emotional distress, please refrain from logging into Helposoft until you can engage constructively.
5. Dangerous Affiliate Links: Posting affiliate links that are considered dangerous or harmful, including those leading to malicious content or violating user privacy, is strictly forbidden. Affiliate links should not compromise the security or privacy of our members. Any such links will lead to a permanent ban.
6. Unauthorized Selling: Attempting to sell products or services without meeting the necessary requirements or without purchasing a sales thread is not allowed. This includes sidestepping the official process for creating sales threads, which is designed to ensure transparency and fairness. Violators will face an immediate and permanent ban.
7. False Information: Deliberately spreading false information or rumors within the community is prohibited. This includes misinformation about products, services, or other members. Ensuring the accuracy of shared information is crucial for maintaining trust and reliability within the forum.
8. Harassment and Bullying: Harassing or bullying other members will not be tolerated. This includes persistent unwanted contact, personal attacks, or any form of intimidation. Such behavior creates a hostile environment and goes against the community’s values of mutual respect and support.
9. Illegal Activities: Promoting or engaging in illegal activities is strictly forbidden. This includes sharing pirated software, hacking tools, or any content that violates local, national, or international laws. Helposoft has a zero-tolerance policy for illegal activities to ensure the safety and legality of our community.
10. Violation of Privacy: Sharing personal information about other members without their consent is a severe violation. This includes doxxing, leaking private messages, or any form of unauthorized data sharing. Protecting the privacy of our members is paramount, and any breach will lead to a permanent ban.
11. Impersonation: Pretending to be someone else, whether another member or a public figure, is prohibited. Impersonation can lead to confusion, misinformation, and mistrust within the community. Authenticity is key to maintaining a healthy and trustworthy forum.
12. Non-compliance with Staff Instructions: Ignoring or defying instructions from moderators or administrators will result in disciplinary action. The staff works to ensure the smooth operation and safety of the community, and their guidelines must be respected at all times.

By adhering to these rules, we can foster a respectful, safe, and informative environment for all Helposoft community members. Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to maintaining the integrity of our forum.